Wednesday, January 11, 2012

why men can like pinterest too

I've been doing Pinterest posts for a while, but I know a lot of the guys tend to brush them off. Well, I've noticed a pretty big surge of people joining this week, but guys still seem to be skeptical. First of all, the more men that join, the more men will find on the site. Second of all, there is stuff for you to enjoy! So, here are the reasons why I think you'll like it if you sign up and use it. [Don't forget, if you want to know more about some of the pictures/see the pin, click them!]
  1. There is a lot of funny stuff. The main reason you'll love it, I'd think. I see most guys sharing hilarious memes and things anyone could like. There's a HUGE variety, and just like any social media site, you might not catch them elsewhere, so don't forget to check here. [My friend Jeff constantly shares funny pins!]

  2. There is a lot of nifty stuff. I have found so many random products that I would love to have! Expensive, cheap, or just plain clever, you could become a shopaholic of sorts, too! [That, my friends, is an old-school gas pump for your liquor!]

  3. There is a lot of photography stuff. I get that not all guys are into photography, and that's fine... but for those of you who are, you have definitely come to the right place on Pinterest. There are all types of photography examples as well as tips for beginners and wannabe Photoshop pros! [My photographer friend Mike has just gotten started, but I bet he'll have amazing pins!]

  4. There is a lot of DIY manly stuff. Most of the crafts as of now are for around the home, and things us women can do.. BUT! My dad made me a necklace for Christmas that he found on my Pinterest, and there are also furniture tips and other projects for you "manly men." [I officially challenge you to make that tree house, by the way.]

  5. There is a lot of alcoholic stuff. Drink recipes, drinking games, alcohol-inspired gifts even... If you like to party, welcome to the place to help you throw the party to end all parties. [And THIS is an official challenge to a game of "Battleshots!"]

  6. There is a lot of delicious stuff. You can even combine this reason with the last one; they have alcoholic foods! For the men who like to cook or grill, welcome to the easiest cookbook ever. Hate cookbooks? Me too. Look at the pictures for inspiration and make your own. [That, BTW, is cheddar beer chicken with bacon. You're welcome.]

  7. There is a lot of car stuff. Car sprucing tips for some, lots of pretty pictures of cars for others. Don't lie, you know you call your car pretty. [Say hello to the pretty Lexus, fellas.]

  8. There is a lot of hott girl stuff. If you feel like looking at a bunch of models, you can do that. Sure, you could always Google Image search, but Pinterest gives you only the share-worthy photos, which is all you want anyway. [I recommend searching "Boudoir."]

  9. There is a lot of stuff you can get your lady friend, and it's the easiest shopping for her you'll ever do. Someone bought me the most amazing Christmas present by spending two minutes on my Pinterest, while I searched for DAYS looking for something for them. So.. you're also helping them. PLUS: No more guessing what that special ring should look like. I bet she's already pinned it on her wedding board. [Yeah, we ALL have one.]
Just like any social media platform, how you enjoy it totally depends on who you follow! Make sure you people people and boards that are specific to your interests, and you'll always find stuff you like.

Beyond that, if you're looking for boards to follow, use the search or topic tools! When you find a pin you like, look more into the board it's on and the person who pinned it.

It's the most simple-minded platform ever, as far as I can tell, but it can also get really in depth if you want it to. Give it a try! If I'm wrong, I'll allow you to tackle me.

Also, if you wanna add any reasons to this list, please do!


PS: One more valuable piece of information you could learn on Pinterest:

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