Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pics: i got a new photoshoot!

It's been a WHILE since I had a photoshoot done, and considering the move altered by body in unflattering ways, I was hoping it'd still be another while.

BUT, the station was in need of an update when it comes to our pictures on the website. Half of us don't look anything like what our picture does anymore.

So I called on my cousin, Paige Engel, to come take some pics! Here are some of the best she got of me in the studio:

Obviously I had to "spice" it up by getting on the desk/table/whatever you wanna call it. Beyond that, I'm surprised I smiled so much. That normally doesn't happen.

Here are the new ones she shot for the website:

A big thank you goes out to Paige, and if you live anywhere near Ocean City, MD, you should totally check her out for any of your photo needs!


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