Thursday, December 1, 2011

gift guide: things you didn't know you/they needed until now

Got a little theme for today. Sometimes a simple invention would make your and everyone's life a little easier. These three things are some of those inventions that will make everyone wonder how they never thought of wanting it before.

1. Ice straws

Why put tons of ice cubes that will melt into your drink? Use one straw, and the drink will instantly chill as it goes up the straw. If it melts, fine, but that just means you need to drink faster.. and if you're drinking alcoholic beverages, this is only going to help your cause. Cost: $8

2. The Tapi

Sure, you don't NEED a water fountain in your house, but it sure would be nice, right? And brushing your teeth would instantly become 10x easier just by squeezing a little piece of rubber. It's simple, it's attractive, and it's only $5. [The website has other cool products that fit this theme, too!]

3. Water bottle with storage

I could be late to the game with this one since I'm a fatty and don't work out, but for those who do- It's a water bottle that has a spot to hold money, your cards, and keys! Um, GENIUS. Cost: A well worth-it $13.

I'm sure I'll find LOTS more of these items in the coming weeks [especially considering they're the type I like the most] but here's just the beginning! And HELLO, CHEAP!

You are so welcome, little elves. [Or... something.]


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