Thursday, November 17, 2011

watch: lil p-nut returns to ellen and hilariously dumped his girlfriend

Oh. Em. GEE! Remember 7 year old rapper Lil P-Nut?! He acted like a little grown-up tellin' kids to stay in school if they want their dreams to come true on Ellen, and then he got an Escalade of his own from her.

Well now, he's freaking starring in Happy Feet Two! Amazing! And that means another trip to the Ellen Show.

He is so. freaking. funny. I've been having a really rough couple days [any hilarity that you wanna send me, I'll definitely take it, duh!] and he made me LOL more than anyone else. And that's not even the full interview! I wish Ellen posted all of it. Her reaction to some things he said were fabulous.

I think I might have to see that movie in theaters for the simple fact that he's in it. Who's comin with me?!


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