Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nifty: the karmasheetra (do it yourself!)

After trying to play Twister with adults at the 90s Dance Party on the Patio in Texas, I realized it's definitely a kid's game, and we need something a little more involved if we really want it to be challenging.

Helloooo Karmasheetra. Thanks for answering my requests.

Combine the Kama Sutra with Twister and a bed, and BAM. You've got yourself a fun game to play with someone special [or someone that will do for the night].

Basically, you pick a number on the sheet, and arrange your body parts on the guide. They outlined feet, hands, butts, and knees for you!
You don't have to look at pictures and figure out how positions are working, you just place, work it, and don't fall down!

Even more fun: Mixing up the numbers. I think it'd be fabulous to place your limbs on a variety of numbers [maybe use a set of dice?] and somehow make it work. Adult Twister, I've been looking for you.

The only problem: They're out of stock right now! Who knows if they're really making more like they say, but pssstttt. It's totally easy to make, and probably even more fun! NAKED BODY PAINTING! Check out the picture, grab some paint, a white sheet, and your honey, and put your real prints on there! [I estimate it costing about $20 with a Queen sized bed.]

Crafty sex? I enjoy.


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