Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tunes on tuesday 101811

NOT FORGETTING! It's time for new music! [But BTW- Every night on my show I premiere a new song... follow @HOTHits1005 to get the new song every day!]

Howie D--> Lie To Me

Yes, Howie from the Backstreet Boys. It's just like most of these guys' songs when they go single. You'll probably like it if you love boy bands, but it's not enough to stand out in my opinion.

Maverik--> All Night

Apparently this dude is a jock on some radio station... and yet it's better than a lot of the trash we get. I guess he does know what it takes to make a good beat, though. Doubt it'll take off [it's not THAT good], but ya never know.

Tinie Tempah--> Pass Out

If there's anything I like this week, it's probably this one. It's typical, but it's what works.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars and Snoop Dogg

I think it's a fun song for college students or anyone who's just young and doesn't give an F. The chorus is an anthem of sorts for it. I was definitely singing along. Woops.

Far East Movement ft. Rye Rye--> Jello

Their songs are always weird to me, and not in the cool LMFAO way. I think it'll grow on me, but I don't love it on first listen.

Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall--> Strip

Well, I love Chris Brown.. so of course I like this one. Duh. I also like sexy songs, but apparently so does the entire country.

That's really it for tonight! COMPLETELY different line-up than last week's, so hopefully people are feeling a little better about the pop music we have to look forward to if you like the rhythmic stuff more. Maybe.


Oh and PS: Here's Justin Bieber's newly released video for "Mistletoe," his cute and dapper Christmas song.

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