Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the real world san diego drinking game

I decided during last week's chat that a drinking game is necessary for the Real World. So, starting tonight, grab your friends [online friends in a chatroom totally count] and drinks, and be ready to get drunk!

Every time...
  • Sam tricks a girl into thinking she's a boy, DRINK
  • they show Ashley's butt, DRINK
  • the fact that Priscilla is underage is mentioned, DRINK
  • Frank hits on Alexandra, DRINK
  • Alexandra mentions her boyfriend, DRINK
  • Zach looks, acts, or says something narcissistic, DRINK
  • roommates shower together, DRINK
  • a roommate gets punched, TAKE A SHOT
  • roommates make-out, CHUG
  • a roommate punches someone else, CHEERS!
  • anyone suggests Ashley and Zach are perfect for each other, BARF, then rally and CHUG
I'm sure this will be edited throughout the weeks. Added to, of course. If you have any ideas, leave em in the comments or tweet them to me and we'll make it happen!

The object of any drinking game is to get drunk, after all.


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