Wednesday, October 5, 2011

podcasts from the new show!

Whew! Now that the show is officially rolling and they've showed me how to record/save my show, I can finally start posting podcasts again!

Here are just a few from the past week. Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can get all the updates, even when I don't post them on here! It's free and easily on iTunes!

When I was still on with Corey, our coworker asked us to come up with some rules on one night stands. What to do the morning after, how to handle everything, etc. Here's what we/the callers came up with:

Last night I had to bring up the pink jerseys. WHY do girls think they're okay?! Sure, they're representing Breast Cancer awareness. Fine. If that's why you're wearing them- cool. If it's because "PINK IS LIKE SO CUTE," you deserve to be slapped.

Anddd finally, my FAVORITE! Continuing on from the condoms I posted on Monday, I asked listeners to come up with their slogans that are better with "in bed." Some of these are AMAZING, most especially the local high school's swim team slogan.

I'm on every weeknight from 6-11 EST, so listen in and feel free to call the show! 757-473-1005 is the number! Save it in your phone now! [And YES! We DO have an app! Just search for HOT 100.5!]


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