Wednesday, September 21, 2011

watch: my internet twin talks about white girls in the club

Jenna Marbles. My internet twin who says everything I say [when I'm NOT on the mic] and acts just like I do, but looks a lot hotter and makes a lot more money for her words.

I wanna just be the angry, jealous bitch when I watch these videos, but I LOL too much because it really is hilarious and if I'm being honest- I laugh at myself all the time too.

Tonight's topic: White girls in the club. The dancing. The screaming. The messy bun that we think is so cute sometimes... She hit it all.

"When you go out you need to have a marriage with your shoes." Pfffttt. Heels NEVER last all night... I always cheat on them with flip flops that are stored in my purse that knocks everyone over all night. Duh.

But seriously... the girl's a YouTube genius. She knows how to be funny, FOR SURE. I'm kinda in love with her... in a "I wish we could be friends and be obnoxious about how we're soulmates all the time" kinda way.


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