Thursday, July 21, 2011

catching up with real world san diego spottings: there are lots of elizabethany-alikes

As far as how the locals are treating the filming of Real World San Diego, everything's looking pretty familiar. It's a lot like DC. Stalkers everywhere. Neighbors hating. And even a crazy blonde chic who keeps going to find them outside the house.

No, really. There's an EB-alike [or wannabe, depending on if you're a B or not] who's been making these videos of her going outside the house and then commenting on it.

Half of me is kinda obsessed with the fact that there's someone out there doing what I did, the other half has no comment. :) I'll leave that to you all.

Other stalkers have gotten some other good video of the cast, though. Here's another one of them at the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters:

Looks like someone found some boyfriend material, and then the ever-so-exciting coffee talk outside with all of the roommates! Weee.
[Side note: Apparently the Asian girl is only 19! I enjoy the idea of the stories she'll bring.]

And here they are inside Hodad's, sitting at a table, trying to avoid the papz.

They made the same reaction the DC'ers did- covering their face, looking pissed off, stopping their conversation. Looking back, I realize how obnoxious I was, but let's be real- they don't need to be all dramatic about it.

As for story lines... doesn't look like they have figured much out. Sightings have been pretty lame. There are a TON of tweets out there from strangers saying they hung out, signed waivers, made out, etc with the cast... but who knows what's real or worthy of anything.

I'll continue to keep ya updated on what I find on Vevmo/Twitter! If you know anything and want to share, you know how to get in touch with me.


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