Tuesday, June 7, 2011

watch: tim halperin's music video for "the last song"

Remember that time I discovered Tim Halperin on BuzzFeed and then a beautiful relationship happened? Yeah. Me too.

It's been about a year I feel, and now he's throwing out his next music video for his latest single "The Last Song!"

I LOVE the song, of course, but what I love even more- all of the money to make this video was raised.

This is what he said to me about it-
"The funding for the video came from fan donations, and I think the creativity/cinematic quality of the video will take it a long way. I think this video demonstrates the power of independent collaboration, apart from a major label or American Idol."

Without further ado, I'll let it prove this to you on its own-

He's insanely creative and talented, and like I told him- I'm so excited to see what happens once the Idol restraints are lifted.

Hopefully we'll have a surprise for everyone in College Station soon! ;)
Also.. Hopefully I can be his video girl some day... I think I could be pretty great at it, just sayin.


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