Thursday, June 23, 2011

watch: footage of filming/cast members for real world san diego

I had a good feeling about the peeps living in San Diego when I read all the haterade mixed with desire to stalk.. and clearly I was right!

Someone filmed this really awesome video of two cast members chattin' it up at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

It seems like they're not used to the camera yet, but they're definitely easy on the eyes!

Let's keep our fingers crossed for more! And if any of you San Diego'ans [who I shall call my proteges] need tips, you know who to get 'em from. ;)



Anonymous said...

you have myself and VEVMO to thank for finding this.

If you read VEVMO, make sure you give them credit for what you use.


elizabethany said...

if it's your video, please take the credit! Otherwise, I give credit to Vevmo all the time. This isn't Vevmo's find.