Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tunes on [wednesday] 062211

I'm not even going to lie... Yesterday was so crazy I completely blanked on the fact that it was Tuesday. Sorrryyy...

New music, anndddd GO!

David Guetta ft. Ludacris and Taio Cruz--> Little Bad Girl

Let's DANCE! David Guetta definitely knows how to get people moving, and this is another good one for that.

Ian Carey ft. Snoop Dogg and Bobby Anthony--> Last Night

Oh, hello lyrics that I needed last Friday morning. Who likes to party? Listen to this.

The Script--> Nothing

I like this because it's not the same song they've put out 3 times in a row. Still pretty, still good lyrics, but more refreshing. I also fully enjoy that they say mates.

Eminem ft. Bruno Mars--> Lighters

Probably my favorite Eminem song in a while, at least at first listen. I don't know if it's because of Bruno or what, but I like the change in pace and the collabo.

All Time Low--> Feel Like Dancin

They're fun. The video is funny. The song is fun. I dig it. The end.

Far East Movement--> So What?

All of their songs are pretty different. That's fun. I can't decide if I love or hate this one. I need you to be the judge.

Adele--> Someone Like You

Welcome Adele, ladies and gentlemen... Bringing a refreshing talent to radios. It's beautiful.

Bruno Mars--> Marry You

This is cute. I'm glad he's fairly different song to song, too. It's always simple, but it works!

Flo Rida--> Turn Around

Typical Flo Rida song. It's a dance track, it's enjoyable, but I don't notice anything being sampled for once. [At least, nothing I know...]

Natasha Bedingfield--> Weightless

I do enjoy a good Natasha Bedingfield song, but this doesn't scream top-of-the-charts to me. Let me know if you disagree!

That's all for now! Enjoy!


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