Wednesday, April 27, 2011

real world las vegas live chat- they know dustin's secret!

Alright, I have some stuff to explain about tonight's chat.

It may or may not be happening on time. I have my final kickball tournament tonight, and we play until we lose! So, technically- I could be done at 7, or I could be done late tonight.

As soon as I am done, I will come straight home and launch the chat if I'm on time. If I miss a significant portion of the episode, I will plan on launching the chat during the second airing of the new episode. If no one shows up, of course I'll be sad, but I'll totally understand. If you'd like to wait, I'll love you forever.

No matter what, I will definitely be here ready to chat for one of the times, whether you are or not!

Hope to see you tonight! Jemmye mentioned coming to chat soon, so hopefully we'll be chatting with her in a few hours!

Also- I've been talking to Leeroy, and as soon as we can figure out a time good for both of us, he'll definitely be on podcast. Sorry for the delay, but sometimes it's out of my hands!


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