Tuesday, April 26, 2011

nifty for nerds: emoticon jewelry

I'm trying really hard to be stylish and stuff these days, but sometimes I'm just plain nerdy. So when I tell girls that I really want these rings in my life, they're probably going to give me the same look they always do.

Check out these "Signs" jewelry pieces!

Personally, I LOVE emoticons. What would text messages be without them?! If I couldn't send a :) after a bitchy comment, everyone would think I was a huge B all the time! With a :), they'll totally think I'm flirting or something.

And yes, I totally dig it when guys use them, too. Example: If I say "come over or call me in a bit," and he responds with "ok :)," that means he's happy to do so. If it's just "ok," I feel like I'm pressuring him.

ANYWAY, now we'll get off that tangent. I just think they're totally adorbs and I want one. Problem is: They're definitely $185, for some odd, unknown reason.

Maybe my dad can make me one to "match" my Twitter necklace. Fingers crossed.


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