Thursday, April 21, 2011

the best of twitter trending topics: #welcometothedmv

I think my heart stopped in excitement when I saw that #welcometotheDMV was trending and it wasn't talking about Department of Motor Vehicles. I felt like I was home again, but homesick at the same time.

When I started reading the tweets, I realized just how ghetto gangstaaa my home really is. It was N-bomb this, bitch that, mi$sp3ll!ng$ everwhere... Embarrassing.

Most of it was people bonding and RTing things that really aren't something to be proud about, yet they were excited. I understand bonding over a common enemy is sometimes the best kind, but they were acting like this stuff was good!

Anyway, I still take a LOT of pride in saying I'm from the DMV, and there were some quality, 100% truth tweets that I saw while I was looking. Here are some of the "best":

There are SO MANY that I could have thought of that people weren't getting, but I try not to piss off all my followers, so I'll just point you in the direction of one of my favorite lists of all times--> You know you're from Northern Virginia if...

If you're not from the DMV [DC, MD, VA], I hope we didn't scare you off. While most of it was probably true, we didn't exactly sell any of the good stuff.


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