Monday, March 14, 2011

best of the week 031411

Normally this is my first post of the week, but apparently that didn't happen. Whatevs.

In case you were celebrating Mardi Gras all week, here's what you missed [go figure, the X-rated post KILLED the others.]:

4. The 25 hottest guys to ever be on the Real World
3. Watch: Never before seen 9/11 footage
2. Exclusive post-Idol interview with Tim Halperin
1. Check out Chris Brown's goodies

Popular on Candy:

2. Ke$ha tattoos her fan
1. 90s shows are coming back to Nickelodeon!

And our most watched WhyPartyToday video: Barbie Day.

Thanks for another week! I know I slacked off at the end because of the TSMA, but having you all come back for another round of Real World chats was one of my highlights!


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