Monday, February 14, 2011

what i think about the grammys/red carpet, because you care

The 53rd Annual Grammys were last night, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know exactly how I felt about the show... But it's time for me to express myself one final time and pick some best and worst dressed!

Best Dressed on the red carpet:

I think Selena Gomez takes the cake for me, but I really did love Julianne Hough and Keri Hilson a lot.
Selena's gold dress and hair was so simple, but sparkly and perfect for her body and just beautiful.
I love the pattern on Julianne Hough's dress and her face/hair always look perfect.
The asymmetrical mini on Keri is fun, a bright color, and enough to be different while still being gorgeous.
I love the silver and long sleeves/mini dress combo on J. Lo, especially with her awesome legs,
and Justin Bieber can pull off a while and off-white suit at the age of 17. Swagger.

Some honorable mentions:

I can admit it when it's true: Kim Kardashian looked good! LOVED the gold dress with her hair! It may have been showing off a bit too much, but I her makeup wasn't too crazy and I couldn't help but love it.
Jennifer Hudson looks AMAZING! I don't love the open front on her dress or the plain hair too much, but the top of the dress is beautiful and her body is SMOKIN'! I liked someone's tweet: "When did J-Hud become better looking than Xtina?"
As for B.o.B.- I think a lot of guys really stepped up their game this year away from the usual jeans/suit jackets and plain suits, and I love the red and just his overall attitude when pulling this outfit off. Who says only hipsters wear scarves?!

Worst dressed:

Everyone's talking about Rihanna and I can't figure out if they agree with me or not, but she's a cross between Strawberry Shortcake, and a naked Christmas tree with the white garland being wrapped around. Sorry, but this is just bad and awkward.
Nicki Minaj is really growing on me, and part of me thinks this outfit is hilarious, but seriously- way too much. Leopard print mixed with bride of Frankenstein is just not a look for someone who may wanna be taken seriously in my book.
Miley also looks really pretty awful. She clearly gained a freshman 15 in her last movie, and the side-boob needs to go. We saw it in Marie Claire, we get it. You have boobs. Keep it classy, please. You're better than this, Miley. I love the dress, but the overall look: no.

As for the show:
  • Christina fell and didn't really redeem herself from the Super Bowl, in my book. She looks and sounds awful, and it's really a shame.
  • As for Lady Gaga, I can't decide if I'm really annoyed by everything, or if I think the egg was cool. It was pointless, if you ask me. They made this huge deal about it on the red carpet, but when it came to the performance, it opened up and that was that. LAME. Plus- her shoulders and face were freakin' creepy. Her abs were AWESOME, but I couldn't look because of all the other body mutations.
  • Justin Bieber/Usher/Jaden's performance was AWESOME. Biebs is going through puberty, but as far as I can tell- he's proving it won't be a factor.
  • Cee-Lo Green wins best outfit of the night, obviously. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole performance, yet it was musically good too. Still iffy about Gwyneth Paltrow as a singer, but I'll take it for last night's purposes.
  • Dr Dre's appearance that everyone's been hyping up was underwhelming. Yes, it's cool to see him back with Eminem. Yes, the performance as a whole was great, but he just stood there and rapped in a not-so-talented way.
  • Rihanna's dress during "Love the Way You Lie" was AWESOME. I LOVED it! Liked the whole performance, to be honest.
  • Rihanna's performance with Drake- Also underwhelming talent-wise. Overwhelming gyrating-hips-and-nice-ass wise.
  • If you really wanna know everything I think, just check Twitter. Kthanks.
I think the show was pretty good as a whole. I wasn't disappointed! Ending: Awkward. Biebs not winning Best New Artist- Weird. Lady A taking home a ton of awards for a song they put out YEARS ago: Unfair. Still, I was entertained throughout... Minus the whole Barbara Streisand thing.

What'd you think? Let me know! I like to read your opinions too!


PS: Finding videos that are guaranteed to stay up for more than a couple hours is going to be impossible, but to check out what we could find, and more pictures of everyone, click here!

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