Monday, January 10, 2011

watch/listen: "the facebook song"

There have been many odes to Facebook in our day, and rightfully so! It owns our life. MARK ZUCKERBERG OWNS US!

This is my fave [that I can remember]. It's catchy, admits things we know but don't always say out loud, and has a cute and witty girl singing it.

I think the chat pop sound is what sold me. And of course, knowing more about my ex-boyfriend's friendship with his new girlfriend than he does. And then there's the whole never a stalker until Facebook came around... Ohh, Lynnea Malley, you and your Facebook Song are so clever!

That being said, normally when someone puts out a born-to-be-viral video like this, I don't bother to check out what else they post. Something about this chic made me wanna check her out.

Sure enough, she has another clever song she wrote- "The Oltamet PoHp $@wng."

She explains in the beginning that she evaluated all the top songs to see what she needed to include, and immediately realized her name needed to become "Lynne@." You can skip all that [I recommend it, because she's rather bland when talking, but her singing/songwriting totally makes up for it] and get right to the song at 1:45.

I got my eye on her. I think she's onto something.


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