Monday, January 3, 2011

watch: kim kardashian and avril lavigne debut new singles on new year's

We heard a few weeks ago that Kim Kardashian was in the studio recording singles with The Dream... and now we can hear the proof.

She took over the party at TAO Nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve to give a buzzkill get everyone dancing. It's kinda hard to hear considering it's obviously a cell phone video, but you can get the vibe. It's called "Turn it Up."

It sounds relatively decent... But I need to hear the real version. And please know that I refuse to say that I like it or play it, no matter how good it is. [Unless, of course, I have to...]

Kim's step-unofficial-sister-in-law Avril Lavigne also debuted a new single to celebrate the holiday! I hear she's hoping for a comeback. [Duh.] Will "What the Hell" do it for her?

It's very Avril-Pop. Again, I gotta hear the studio version, but I think I kinda dig it.

What do you think of both of them? Will it be a big year for Kim or Avril?! Do tell.

And sidenote- How weird is it to think that they're kinda sisters?! [Brody is like tooootally in love with Avril, remember?!]


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