Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tunes on tuesday 010411

Maybe it's because it's the first of the year, maybe I missed a lot while I was on vaca, but either way, there are a TON of new songs, so I'm gonna get right to it and keep my opinions short and sweet-

Pink--> F***ing Perfect

I've already been playing this quite a bit. I love it. The end.

Big Time Rush--> Boyfriend

Teen punk song with a catchy beat... But not as catchy as something like "Love Like Woe."

Good Charlotte--> Last Night

So Good Charlotte jumped on the auto-tune bandwagon. Not a good look. Catchy song, but I'm not buying it.

Kimberly Caldwell--> Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys

It's about time she gets an album out! It's coming soon, and this is the first totally catchy radio single. No surprise that I dig it.

Mike Posner--> Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Not sure how I feel about this on first listen. It's got the grinding beat, but almost Bieber like vocals. Try it out.

Miranda Cosgrove--> Dancing Crazy

Watch out, Miley... Miranda's gonna take over. Okay, maybe not... but it's a pretty fun song. And she's telling you to put your hands up.

My Chemical Romance--> Sing

It's not a bad song, at all. I won't be mad if it becomes huge, it's just not what I listen to regularly.

Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland--> Gone

I gave you this song the day it was pre-released, but now it's ready for the radio. Do you want it? I kinda do.

Runner Runner--> Hey Alli

Another catchy teen-punk style song that will probably become huge.

Ke$ha--> Blow

She's crankin' out the singles lately. It's typical Ke$ha with a strong house beat.

Eva--> Not My Daddy

The single that will probably make it has Baby Bash on it, but it's not on YouTube yet apparently. Anyway- something about her appearance really bugs me. They shoulda just given this song to Ke$ha.

LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett and Good Rock--> Party Rock Anthem

LMFAO knows how to get a party started, admit it! This song will too, obviously.

Frankie J ft. David Rush--> Dream Girl

It's a dance/R&B song with a beat soft enough to chill enough but strong enough to dance to. I don't think it'll be a HUGE hit, but you'll like it.

BoB--> Can't Let You Get Away

Ummmm... something about this song makes me LOVE it. The beginning samples probably sold me at first listen.

Ricky Martin ft. Joss Stone--> Best Thing About Me is You

I heard the remix of this version first, but both of them are good. I love the chill music. I think it's just an interesting collabo in general.

Alicia Keys ft. Eve--> Speechless

Another collabo in hopes of boosting the lesser's career again. It's a good song. Nothing like Gangsta Lovin', but still good.

Jamie Foxx ft. Wiz Khalifa--> Best Night of My Life

It's a groovin/grindin song. Obviously- it's Jamie Foxx. I enjoy.

That's all for this week! PHEW! I won't make a poll because there are so many, but let your voice be heard! What do you love and hate?!


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