Thursday, November 18, 2010

we do your dirty work: her boyfriend dresses his dog in tutus

Niblett and I [AKA The Break For play Time] have come to the conclusion that when we call your S/O's for you, we're officially doing your dirty work... And we're okay with that!

This week a girl, Natalie, called in to tell us about her boyfriend who apparently dresses his dog in all sorts of outfits, including tutus, and even gave his dog its own drawer in his dresser. [What the H?!]

I don't know how I feel about coming between a man and his best friend, but we decided to give it a try and also try to keep these two together:

Seriously... I SWEAR I don't do any of this with the intention of ruining a relationship. I PROMISE I'm not one of those bitter single chics who doesn't want anyone to be in a relationship if I'm not...

Nibs and I are just unlucky when it comes to getting "strong" couples who can make it through the truth. Oy.

By the way, if you've missed the memo, our show is every Tuesday night starting around 8/7c, so listen in! [We've also got an iPhone app now! Search "Radio Aggieland!] If you can't listen live, you can always check out our podcasts afterward:

If anyone wants us to do their dirty work, and thinks they can make it through, please, dear Baby Jesus, let us know!


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