Tuesday, November 16, 2010

watch: taylor swift is way too repetitive and predictable

By now you should know my severe annoyance with Taylor Swift. She's haunting me. She's everywhere. And it's making me miserable.

And thanks to it being International Tolerance Day, I've had to put up with her without complaining.

The good thing about my blog: I make the rules here, and I'll do what I want.. and that's complain about T-Swift.

It's a big fat DUH that every one of her songs is the exact same, along with the epic FAIL that gets tagged onto all of her live award show performances... But have you noticed that every time homegirl receives an award, she says and does the exact same thing?!

Seriously, chic... We all know when you're going to win, and you do too. Stop pretending. Stop wearing your hair the same way each time. Stop dropping your rat mouth and freaking out like you're still a new, 16 year old singer.

/rant. [Insert sarcastic but nice statement here.]


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