Monday, November 8, 2010

real world back to vegas update: the third roommate is a porn star!

Aw SNAP! We've got our third piece to the puzzle that is the currently filming Real World, Back to Las Vegas!

I introduce to you [once again thanks to molds13 over at Vevmo]- Dustin Zito.

  • He's 24
  • From Rayne, Louisiana
  • Went to Lamar University
  • He may look like a nice, innocent, super attractive country boy, but he's got a bit of a past. A past in GAY PORN!

As far as we know, he's not claiming to be gay, so he only does it for pay. [This is the one thing that I still will never understand.]

Obviously I can't be posting any of those pictures on this page, and to be completely honest, there's something about porn shots that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. [Hello Big Daddy Downs AKA Bossman, Mom, and grandparents!!] So click here to see some HARDcore pics, and here to see some screenshots.

For some good ol' fun with him, here's a random video of him:

And some more not-so-X-rated pictures:

As much as bystanders are saying it's a "dull and boring" cast, they sure don't seem to be very dull.


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