Wednesday, November 3, 2010

live chatting cut throat: episode 5

So I skipped out on the chat last week for a few reasons, a major one being technical difficulties the week before... But this weekend we HAVE to chat it up on here during the new episode of Cut Throat.

Have you SEEN the promo?! It looks like we're going to see the real, new Ty this episode. We saw glimpses of it during RWDC, but from what everyone has said to me, he's turned into a real monster.

Check out this Dailies video where a joke with Emily goes way too far with him again.

It seriously makes me sad to see him like that!! He's a real cool guy when he's sober... or at least used to be real cool. From what I hear, he's kinda on his own nowadays.. and he won't return my calls for me to make sure he's not completely MIA.

So let's chat tonight! Be here before the show and we'll do the usual polls, behind the scenes info, etc! And tell your friends so we have lots!


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