Monday, November 1, 2010

i spy: halloween 2010, and my twitter bird costume

I did this last year when my camera got stolen and I had nothing to share, and I wanted to bring it back. [I don't know why, though... It's a lot of work!]

I scoured through as many of your pictures as I could and picked my favorite costumes that I could see.

But, before I get to that, I must show off my costume that I am oh-so-proud of.

If you've been missing on Cloud 9, I was the Twitter Bird. I had to buy white feathers, dye all of them individually with blue and turquoise dye, let them dry, then glue them on to an XL t-shirt. I made the wings out of fabric and glued them to the top of my shoulder. Add some leggings, socks, a hair clip, a sign, and yellow face paint on my lips, and it was complete!

BUT, at 5:30 Saturday night I realized I didn't have enough feathers, so I had to go buy/dye/dry/glue some more.

Somehow, with a little magical power, it all came together wonderfully:

The best part: It stayed together enough for me to wear the next day for Preston Leatherman's music video shoot! The worst thing to happen: Feathers getting wet from my drinks.

Now that I've done my fair share of bragging about my creative, one of a kind costume that I'm in love with [even though people constantly called me Big Bird... RUDE], I shall show off all of you, my Facebook friends.

If you weren't included and should have been, LET ME KNOW! I probably missed a lot of you, and I'll totally show you off, too!

I love creativity which makes me love Halloween. Thanks to the world for making it such a fun holiday.



Kimberly said...

Where did you find the yellow lip stick, socks, flops and blue leggins??

I loveee this idea and would lovee to do it!

elizabethany said...

The lips are just yellow face paint from any Halloween store! flops are from Old Navy, socks are white but I dyed them yellow, and blue leggings I got by luck at Wet Seal, but you can find them anywhere now... Amazon!

CarolinaCutie said...

how did you glue down the feathers in such a way that kept them down but kept them kinda loose at the same time? btw, this costume is amazing!