Tuesday, October 12, 2010

watch: transformers' bumblebee crash in dc

If you haven't heard or seen this yet, it's time for you to do so.

Transformers 3 is filming in Washington, DC right now and apparently even a closed set won't keep the district po-po's from goin' wherever the F they wanna go.

Optimus Prime won't stop them either.

...But Bumblebee will. And it did. Check out the crazy crash from last night:

Ummm... ouch. And no, that wasn't written into the script, but they might need to figure out a way to work it in. Either that, or they're going to need a twin ASAP.

Speaking of Transformers 3, apparently Erick from The Kane Show is becoming the official stalker for the movie. [I'd say he learned his stalking in DC abilities from the best... AKA me.]

He's been tweeting info and pictures, so follow him if you wanna see, too.


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