Saturday, October 16, 2010

the real world: back to las vegas is filming!

It's about that time! Another season of the Real World is underway and already filming [since AT LEAST October 8, according to tweets].. and they're back in Las Vegas!

Chances are they won't call it "Back to Las Vegas" like we all hope, but I'm still going to call it that for now.

Thanks to Vevmo, we know a couple things about what to expect this season. I'm here to relay the information to you as always [and hope that maybe, just maybe, someone in Vegas will start sending some secret deets my way.]

About the cast:
  • They're finally back down to only 7 roommates! YAY! I feel like they took the advice from my chatrooms' polls. Safe to assume, right?
  • There are four guys and three girls. Descriptions: "1 black guy who is good looking and built like Ty, 3 white guys, 1 of the guys has a receding hairline. There is a nerdy blonde guy in the cast who seems like he's a little crazy (he got into a fight in Vanity and was throwing glass pitchers of OJ and cran and got kicked out)... a punk rockerish thick black chick with a really frizzy afro, 1 homely blonde white girl who looks like shes 15, a darker hair latina looking girl who is the best looking from the cast."
  • Apparently it's a really unattractive cast. I'm wondering if that's true or if the expectations get higher each season just because of stereotypes. They're also saying they're boring and not living up to any "Vegas" stereotype.
  • Here's a Twitpic of one of the guys and a local... It's hard to see anything, but it's all that's found so far.

About their crib:
  • Like we knew before, it's a penthouse suite in the Hard Rock!
  • It's the penthouse suite that The Buried Life guys stayed in last week's episode! [Pretty positive about this one... I know the cast has at least partied at the Vanity, where the BL guys went.]
  • There's a freakin' BOWLING ALLEY in there! How fun!
  • Here's a YouTube video of the suite:

Those are the main deets for now! As I spot some more, I'll let you know! I got it all set up on my TweetDeck now that I know they're out there.

If you feel like helping fellow love, EB fans [and me], feel free to email me any legit secrets/sightings you may know about the filming. Also: If you want to donate to the send-EB-to-stalk-RWLV fund, feel free to do that as well. ;-P



Anonymous said...

Good job just copying VEVMO you stupid wannabe.

elizabethany said...

What exactly am I a wannabe of?? I never claimed to get the info on my own I gave credit. I just make it easier for my readers. I do the reading and put it in simpler form, just like any blogger. :)

Callie said...

hey, I appreciate the "copying," now I don't have to sift through VEVMO's long-ass threads to get the info I want! thanks eb<3

Anonymous said...

I met the cast and went to their house last wednesday.... it is true though, the cast is not attractive. The girl with the afro is named Naomi and is a sweetheart.... that's all I'll say for now! Stayed tuned :)