Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i'd rather vote than...

Y'all ready for some serious talk from EB?! Okay, let's not kid ourselves. Getting 100% serious is nearly impossible here.

But there's something I'm getting involved in and I think you should too! Jose, aka @imJmi, has started this campaign that we're all jumping on board with. It's #IdRatherVote, and you guessed it!

We're tweeting all the things we'd rather not have happen because we didn't vote. Just because we're not trying to get the first black president into the White House doesn't mean it's not important to make your voice heard.

So for the next week, let's all come together and convince those who still may be unsure that voting is absolutely worth your time. Even if you're thousands of miles away from the place you're registered to vote [like me]. They have snail mail for us. We've also been given voices for a reason.

Tweet and complete the sentence- #IdRatherVote..

I've always said I live by the quotes that say don't ever regret anything because that's something that will weigh heavy on you forever. The LAST thing I want to regret is not being able to do something I want to do or seeing my friends get their rights denied because some dbag thinks it's against the Bible or disgusting.

Speak out. No matter who you're voting for, just vote, and tell us why for the next week! We can't wait to see your tweets!

To find out where you can vote, use this gadget:




Mike said...

Good blog post. I am so tired of people being upset over politics and they are the same people that don't vote. Even if your person does not win, it shouldn't matter, getting heard is!

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