Monday, October 11, 2010

elizabethanyTV: meet mookie jones

The night of the Travie McCoy show was interesting, as I've already explained. Also interesting- one of the guys who opened up for him, Mookie Jones.

I wish I could tell you where he's from or what he's reppin' besides the US and Pluto, but I can't.

What I can tell you is he's a hungry artist looking to make it big, and he's got the personality and talent to do so. If you like a little bit outrageous and a lot of local talent, check him out. Also check out this quick "interview" I got with him before the show.

Seriously, we've been walking around the office screaming AUTOOOO at random ever since this night, and tomorrow I'll show you another [FAIL] video of why it's even better/funnier.

Also: If you're in the BCS area and want to check out Mookie in person, he's performing at Rock the Republic, so be on the lookout and check him out! [PSST! If you come see me at The Drink on Thursday night, you could get 3 day passes for free!]


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