Thursday, September 2, 2010

demi moore needs to calm down

There's been rumors flying that Ashton cheated on Demi, but no one really bought too much into it.

Then she decided to get up on stage and dance with Snoop Dogg while Ashton sat and watched her awkward attention-whore kind of moment.

Her outfit and dance moves are very.... drunk white girl at the under-age club... Am I right?!

THEN... homegirl decides to Twitpic herself in a tiny bikini in Miley poses.

I'm sorry... but is she 47 or 17?!

I'm all about livin' a little on the wild side, acting younger than you are, even being a cougar if you want.... But seeeeriously... At some point you're going to need to act at least half your age.

Do you agree?!

All I'm sayin' is... Do your thing, Demi... But remember you're not as young as you feel after an *exciting* night with your hubby.


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