Monday, August 16, 2010

lauren conrad's fall line is fanfreakingtastic

I used to buy my entire wardrobe from Kohl's... Until everyone made fun of me, especially my hickey contest havin' and ginger ex-roommate BFFs.

Then, just like magic, my girl LC made it cool again with her line.

It's freakin' awesome. If you love her style as much as I do, you'll love her line. It's very her. I've gotten a bunch of stuff [when it's on sale] and I pretend that I am her on the days I wear it.

Anyway, her new additions have been released and I'm obsessed.

My faves:

I really wish I had a sugar daddy to help me afford these things. [Any takers- I'm normally a size M or S in her line, FYI] Seriously- I want every piece in this freakin' collection besides the leggings, but unless they go on a serious sale, I can't afford it. [The cheapest thing is around $22, and that's way over my budget.]

Maybe now's the time I start the style/bargain section of my blog. I've been steppin' up my game while still being cheap... I guess I should share my knowledge and try to recreate one of these outfits... Even though I'd much rather support her line.


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