Thursday, July 1, 2010

nifty: the coolest outrageous dispensers

You know I love sharing random products that we should all consider having in our homes, right?! K great, cuz I have some more for ya.

Today's category: Dispensers. Soap, condiments, whatever you wish! Dispense it all, and dispense it in style.

The Manneken Pis liquor dispenser- Who wouldn't want their liquor to some out of a wang?!

One Hit Wonder Shower Breasts- Speaking of body parts, I'm sure every guy would love the opportunity to squeeze some boobies in the shower every morning.

Or for the ladies, the Pecker Shower Caddy.

Tape Dispenser- I sure do LOVE a cliche and a pun. How clever.

Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover- If you saw this on someone's wall when you walked into their office, wouldn't you immediately become besties?!

Nose Shower Dispenser- Again, an instant "bestie" guarantee.

Butt Station Tape Dispenser- This is just the cutest thing ever! I think I'd end up talking to him.

Gun Dispenser- Wanna be a badass?! Badasses carry guns... Everywhere.

Just tryin' to help you be the coolest of the cool kids. If only I had a Sugar Daddy... then I could be cool too.


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