Monday, June 21, 2010

the BIG announcement!: i need your help to be mtv's tj!

NOW is the time!!! I've teased you a million times, and though I like being a tease, there comes a time where it's not fun for either of us. Someone's gotta see action sooner or later.

What's goin' on in my life so worthy of this tease?!

I'm in the running to be the first ever MTV TJ.

I know... You have no idea what the eff a TJ is.

Definition: Tweet Jockey
Job: Think VJ with a social media twist. Some TV spots reporting news, showing you behind the scenes at MTV and various events, and stay
ing super-connected to all the fans via Twitter, Facebook,, and every social media platform in-between.

AKA: It's my dream job. Not my dream job as of last week or last year... This is what I've been saying I wanted to do since I was in high school. In fact, my first ever blog post about the death of TRL mentioned it.

Here's the deal: I need you, everyone you know, and everyone they know to follow me on Twitter. Most of this contest is based on my Tweet-Level, which is my number of followers, my interaction with everyone, retweets, etc etc.

I'll be doing video challenges every 2-3 days starting in July. They'll give me a challenge [that I don't know yet] and I'll have to complete it and post the video on here by deadline. [Should be a piece of cake... right?!]

If I make the top 5 at the end of July [please oh please!!!] I'll be headed to NYC to do challenges that could include dinner with huge celebs. [WHAT?!?@!#$%^$] The winner is announced live on MTV on August 8.

I know what you're thinking... Holy. Crap.

Did I mention what the winner gets?! Besides it being my dream job, I'd get a nice salary of $100k [No more need for a Sugar Daddy!!]! Say WHAT?!

This is why I need you! To follow me to be the first ever MTV TJ! It's going to be a wild ride and I'm super pumped for it and I'm so glad to be sharing it with all of you!

Here I thought last summer's "ride" was crazy... PFFT! It was only the beginning. [Literally! They picked ME to be a part of this based on my blog, Twitter, and everything I did last summer with RWDC! I didn't contact them at all! EEP!]

What's also crazy: One of my good friends from WVU was also picked!! His name is John Thrasher, I've had his link on the left side of my blog for as long as I can remember, and I think we shall play this like Survivor... Ya know, with alliances and stuff!? What ya think?!

Anyway... Buckle up, kids. It's going to be an adventure and I'm piggy backing you with me the whole way! [That doesn't make any sense. Why would you buckle up for a piggy back ride?! Oh well... Just go with it.]

To play with me, here are the important links!:

All about this competition... because I'm far too excited to say it all.
Facebook Group

Once upon a time I said I was practically an MTV superstar! I'd like to make this official. Please and thank you in advance.


And oh yeah... I love you.


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Lisa B said...

Hell yeah girl! You have my vote! :)