Tuesday, April 27, 2010

watch: how to piss off christina aguilera

I'm learning some things about Christina Aguilera lately that solidify my decision a decade ago to be Team Britney through and through...

Lesson #1: She thinks she's the ish and when she's in the spotlight, you better not eff it up.

Really, though?! RUDE!. Doesn't she realize that stopping and "kindly joking" about him coughing just A) ruined the interview and B) made her look like a huge B?!

She could have kept talking and the coughs could have been edited out... Duh.

I've also learned, thanks to my Florida DJ BFF, that when she's being interviewed, she doesn't know when to hurry up her answers and/or shut the eff up. She goes on and on about nothing.

It's a lose/lose for anyone working with her. She takes forever, they have to hold their breath, and she's a boring B.

I'm glad I have officially crossed someone off my "need to meet before I die" list the easy way.



restaurant refugee said...

I get it, that was petty, and churlish... but I am curious if you're still on Team Brittany? Have the, ahem, antics of the last few years dimmed her luster in your eyes?

Anonymous said...

Team Britney? So you're all about crazy, horrible singers and could never support an actual talent because you think she's a bitch? That's a joke. I'd take Christina any day over Britney.