Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nifty: wine purse

If you're like me, a flask isn't going to do anything for you if its purpose is to get you drunk for cheaper when you're headed out.

That's why this is probably the best thing since the cranberry-vodka wheelchair.

It looks like a purse, but it's a bag of wine! [Or in my case, I'd fill it with Screwdriver.]

The bottom is super sturdy so it doesn't spill over, and it's totally stylish! The only issue: You'll need a scarf or something to temporarily hang over the purse to cover the spout when you walk into the bar or wherever you may be.

Genius. Pure genius.

Guys should get excited too, obviously. This only means you'll spend less money on drinks for her, and she'll end up just as drunk, if not more.

Sugar Daddy, where you at?! I want a Baggy Winecoat! It's only $58...


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