Monday, March 22, 2010

update: what they've really done to the real world dc house

For months we've been playing the guessing game of what the H is going to happen to the Real World DC house now that they're gone [and the show is almost over].

Well, as I drove around DC the other night and my friends said they wanted to see the house because they never have [some friends they are, right?!], we moseyed our way to 2000 S Street. I jumped out and immediately ran behind the gate so I could get some pictures of me at the house, but then I realized something new and different about the house:

Yes. You're eyes are seeing correctly. The RWDC house is now the HIV house.

How.... appropriate?

I don't know what all that entails, but I know it's offices within the top 2 floors of the house, which means good news for me!

Well, hopefully good news. It means a restaurant can still move in downstairs, and I can still go on a date with Mike or someone as they take me into their [former] home.

It's kinda crazy because some of the stuff that was obviously there for the show is still in the house, and a lot of the walls are still painted. I hope the restaurant keeps it fancy like that.

There ya have it. Mystery= Halfway solved. How do you feel about it?! Emily's pretty happy with it.


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