Monday, March 22, 2010

watch: merton gives you another reason to play on chatroulette

I really need to play on Chatroulette more than I do. It's a damn shame that I don't spend nearly all of my downtime on such a website.

I've given you plenty of reasons why, but in case you need another, I shall introduce you to Merton: The Piano Chat Improv guy.

He logs onto the video chat and plays the piano and freestyles about the "stranger" he's talking to.

I can't wait until he releases an X-rated version or something. We all love the X-rated stuff.

Beyond him, Ben Folds, his lookalike, totally did an Ode to Merton at a concert!


It really makes me wish I had charged my flip's battery before my epic adventure on Friday night which included a country freestyle about everything we passed while driving around the streets of DC with Jared Mullins. He trumps both of them, really.


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