Wednesday, March 3, 2010

tonight's real world dc episode

I have a feeling a lot of you are going to come to the site today looking for our weekly live chat during the Real World DC. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be having it this week.

Right now I'm actually sitting on the double decker Megabus [with an Amish guy behind me who has two laptops and a smartphone... Hmmmm..] on my way to NYC!!

If you didn't know, the reunion show for RWDC is being filmed tomorrow morning and duh. I had to make sure I tried to find the cast one last time... [Maybe.]

I'm sorry we won't be able to chat it up at 10pm, but I assure you we'll be doing it next week! I'll do some great things to make it all worth-while too, I promise!

Enjoy the episode and if you want to tell me and others how you feel, leave comments! You guys can create your own little chatroom below!


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