Monday, February 1, 2010

wasting time: jerzifying yourself

When your "job" is to search all over the Internet for fun things to share all day, you definitely get sidetracked. Luckily, it's normally a good sign and that it's something worth sharing.

What I discovered this morning was something I knew would be pure gold the second I found it. Then, I wasted almost an hour playing around with the options that is what I will call the Jerzifier.

The website: JerzifyYourself. The gold: You can turn yourself and/or anyone you know into guidos and guidettes in minutes.

I took it upon myself to obviously make myself into a guidette, but also some "familiar faces" from love, elizabethany. The other girl you may not recognize, but let's just say she's a certain kind of contest having BFF of mine.

Are they not the most beautiful things to ever grace this here blog!? Wow.

I know I'm still buying into these guidos 15 minutes of fame and I shouldn't be [especially because they're taking away from the ever so wonderful Real Worlders], but I just can't help it... Just like the rest of the world.

Try it for yourself. Now. Then send me your pictures! I'll post em!


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