Monday, February 22, 2010

really embarrassing sports moments

I haven't done much celebrating the Olympics on here! No bueno. With only 6 days left, I guess I better step up my game.

In honor of Vancouver 2010, we shall take a look at some really embarrassing moments in the land of sports when cameras are around.

Worse than a soccer mom: A cock grabbing dad.

I did hear that a majority of NFL players are gay or have gay tendencies...

She's way too ugly to be letting that happen in public.

This is a vision I saw every time I was about to vault, I kid you not.

Ohh, this is just not good.

I officially just barfed in my mouth. Several time. OMG.

Getting bullied on the field?! Fail.


Uh, honey.... I think your leotard is a little too small. Glad you shaved, though.

I guess she's trying to make her go weak in the knees or something...

To the Vancouver athletes: I hope you don't get a picture taken like this... For your own sake. I, of course, would love it.


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SyrianLiberty said...

LMAO at the french gymnastic!