Tuesday, February 2, 2010

nifty: airmouse

YES! Finally there's hope for saving my hands from that excruciating pain I hear so many people complaining about when they type too much.

I, along with 95% of this generation, is right on track to get the ever so fabulous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thankfully we're now one step close to preventing or delaying it thanks to the AirMouse.

This thing attaches to your hand like a glove and you just move it along your desk or wherever you please. The buttons are built in to your fingertips, and you can even type with it on! It's simple! Just throw the thing on, and do everything you need without having to conform your hand to shapes you don't want to!

It's just another step in technology that Steve Jobs did not come up with! HAHA Steve Jobs! In your face!

Soon we won't have to type, use a mouse, or do anything, ya know. I can't wait to be lazy.


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