Friday, February 19, 2010

morning hangover 021910

Good morning and Happy Anniversary to the debut of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood!

  • Are you going to miss Tiger Wood's public statement today? Apparently this is what he'll be saying.
  • Crush your ego and hear from all the haters on one website! Or, "find out what's wrong with you," I guess.
  • Every time you hit refresh, Bart has to write something else on the chalkboard. Rude.
  • What font describes your personality? I'm Cooper Black Italic.
  • 14 celebs who are a-holes in person. Ryan Gossling just broke my heart.
  • Worst honeymoon ever: getting arrested on your wedding night. Not once, but twice.
  • Want to understand women better? This guy decided to do so by watching 30 chic flicks in 30 days. Even I feel for him.
  • Has anyone else noticed the funky stench in VA?!
  • The Olympics are a bit of an odd fashion show this year, aren't they?! Jeans?!?!
  • Homegirl Anja Paerson's crash was pretty epic.
  • What the h, TO?!
  • Check out the new penny:
  • I like to have my boys come with the ability to play and catch a football, thanks.
  • Because everyone wants to know more about poop.
  • Sorry boys, but our magazines will never look like this. They do, however, give tips on the BJ in just about every Cosmo.
  • Might as well teach ya about smoking, too. And yes, I am a walking truth advertisement.
  • I never knew this Savage Garden song could be so angry! But I absolutely love the accent. Mmmm.

  • Jay Z sucks! How did he not think this was hilarious?!

  • The Bush Man in SanFran is my hero of the day.


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