Friday, February 12, 2010

morning hangover 021210

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY, loves! For some of you it's like a Monday- The first day back to work after the Snowpocalypse. For others, it's just another National Plum Pudding Day! And DON'T FORGET! The Olympics also begin today! Woop woop!

  • I finally jumped on the Formspring bandwagon! Go ahead, ask me anything. I promise to answer, no matter what!
  • TRUE STORY: 9 things men spend way too much money on.
  • John Mayer is just a huge D-bag... And these are his best... Err.. Worst moments.
  • Miss Ashley Lindley graced the cover of her first magazine! It's a good article for all you fans!
  • Wanna know how to stay in love? This is how.
  • Uh oh! It looks like Reggie kept his engagement promise to Kim! Hmph.
  • Dear Obama, It's time to go GANGSTA!
  • If you want the iPad, I suggest you invest in some of these too.
  • Count me in for a trip to Vegas if this is how taxis are!
  • Just because I love her, it's little Suri Cruise! She's getting so big!
  • ...Not so much.
  • Lady Gaga Barbie?! Perfect representation.
  • And: Snow Gaga
  • Oh wow.
  • I totally thought we had moved past making parodies of "Single Ladies." Ugh. At least this "Scholar Ladies" is funny.


  • I wish I had a dog that would lead fun chants like a pep rally!

  • This is really freakin' cool.

That is all for now! Enjoy your morning!


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