Wednesday, February 10, 2010

live chat during this week's new episode of real world dc

Many of you probably [or should!] know that I hosted a live chat right here on love, elizabethany during last week's new episode of The Real World: DC.

Chris Wigginz and Ashley Lindley both joined me along with at least 250 of you to talk about the show, the cast, and everything in-between!

We said last week it would be a test run, and because it went WAY better than I could have ever expected, we're doing it again this week!

And yes... We do expect more "special guests." ;)

Set your alarms, sign up for an email reminder, and/or keep your eyes glued to all things elizabethany! We'll begin at 9:45 Wednesday night [EST]!

Because I am only able to allow 25 people to be unmoderated, the first 25 to enter the chat and say hello will be able to say whatever they want throughout the whole episode! All others will still be able to say anything, but it'll take some time for me to approve and send them through to the chatroom.

...AKA be there on time and be ready to chat it up!

Thanks to everyone who participated last time and I look forward to seeing you again right here on Wednesday night!


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