Thursday, January 14, 2010

day-long hangover 011410

Good afternoon, y'all!

Bad news: I'm hella busy today doing the podcast and a million other things and can't do as many updated as I'd like to.
Good news: I'm going to give you plenty to look at on this here post.

  • The World Clock is totally cool, weird, and eye-opening.
  • Coolest. Tetris game. Ever.
  • Dear boys, You don't compliment a woman by saying she's SO hott, you do these things.
  • Those little pageant girls get perfect teeth by wearing fake ones! Now I don't feel so ugly.
  • I thought my fat-girl ID was bad... Until I saw these pictures.
  • Nothing excites me more than the upcoming reality show: Bachelor Pad.
  • Hasbians are apparently the most-wanted females these days, not cougars.
  • On the to-do list: Listen to all of the steamiest songs of all time during... activities.
  • Ever realize Christina Aguilera and Snookie look kinda similar? I didn't either until I looked at this list of odd celeb lookalikes.
  • Because you've always wanted to know: What guys talk about when you're not around.
  • Remind me to make one of these when I'm all grown up with a book shelf.
  • Oh my goodness! The tallest man met the littlest man!
  • Someone please tell me this was a joke... Or from someone on Teen Mom.
  • I personally think she looked way better before the addiction to plastic surgery.
  • Oh, girl... Pick a new bike seat.
  • Old people fighting and using not-so-clean language= Fantastic.

  • Is a prosthetic leg a turn on nowadays?!

Alright that's all for now! Maybe something else coming soon!


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