Thursday, December 3, 2009

sex of the day 120309

It's getting pretty late, most of you are heading to bed, but some of us are staying up. Though I really don't think this is going to make any sense to anyone but me, I'm putting up this sexual post for those of us who have to stay awake, alone right now.

....Yeah... I'll just jump right in.

First up: New sex slang terms that need to be used on an every day basis brought to you by The Frisky. Why? Because some terms get old quick, and there's always room for more.
  • Blowie- n/obvious, fellatio.
    My blowie brings all the boys to the yard.
  • Diddle- v, to masturbate.
    I'm going to go to my room, blast my TV, and squeeze in a little diddle time.
  • Gaz- v/n, orgasm.
    If you keep doing that, I'll be gazzing in no time.
  • Going to the boneyard- obvious, to bang.
    Guy to his BFF: Yeah, I'll probably take her out to eat, then definitely to the boneyard.
  • Mantsy- adj, fiending for sex.
    Babe, I'm mantsy... Can you come over? Like, pronto...
Blowie and boneyard are a little blah to me, but I will absolutely be using mantsy whenever possible. It's a pretty fun word. Say it a couple times. Mantsy. Mantsy. Mantsy. Yup.

Next on today's list: a toy of sorts.

After visiting my suddenly-ballin' BFF's new house this weekend and seeing his shower that could easily fit 6 people comfortably inside, I've been wondering about the possibilities.

I found an entire page of toys devoted to shower fun. It was a little out of control, really, but there were tons of things that cling to the walls and stuff. For example: these handcuffs.

Now... The thought of being cuffed is a little weird to me, but the fact that they make such things is fascinating. Sure they're made of Velcro and suction cups, it could add a little pizazz to anyone's "normal" routine.

...And by anyone, I of course mean someone that isn't me...

Finally, a video for you. A deleted scene from Rachel Bilson's upcoming movie, "Hearts of Palm." A deleted sex scene, of course.

Funny or Die really hits or misses with their videos, but I gotta admit... For some reason I'm sayin' this was a hit, big time! I was definitely laughing out loud when I watched it. [Maybe it was because my mom came in at the most awkward time possible, who knows.]

So that's your bedtime story of sorts... Or maybe some things to get you a little mantsy before bed.

Goodnight, everyone. ;)


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