Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the big real world dc announcement

So for the past week or more Chris of RealWorldDCNewz and I [your favorite RWDC gurus, duh] have been teasing a big announcement and it's finally official! We can tell the world our exciting news!

You've known about the OFFICIAL Real World DC Premiere Party, but what you didn't know is we will have PLENTY of the roommates there to party with us! Half of them, in fact! Ashley, Callie, Emily, and Ty will all be at Blackfinn with us during the premiere, and we will then go to HALO, where Mike will be, for the official after party!!

So make sure you head over to Metromix and RSVP! This is a party you're NOT going to want to miss... TRUST ME! It won't be super secretive, you won't have to sign any waivers, you can talk to and get to know the roommates as you please! FINALLY! :)

Also exciting: Chris and I [and hopefully Lance] will be doing a podcast EVERY THURSDAY after a new episode premieres! We'll be talking about the show, comparing it to what really went down over the summer, and even talking to some of the cast about it all!

Another great part: We'll be taking questions from YOU, talking to you, etc! Everyone can be involved!

Here is just a teaser for the podcast, but make sure you subscribe now! You can subscribe via iTunes, or whichever way you prefer! [We'll have all the information on how to be involved within the next week!]

AHHHH GET EXCITED!!!! Only 8 days until the premiere!!!!


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rachaelgking said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, BOO!!! Why am I just seeing this now?? Sad face!