Tuesday, November 24, 2009

your real world dc fix 112409

It's been a little while since I've given a real update on the world of MTV's The Real World: Washington, DC and well, I feel bad about it.

First of all- It's thanks to RWDC that I've gotten so many of you "new" readers to this site, and I couldn't be more appreciative. So.. Thank you! Thanks for checking it out an coming back for more! You da best!

Second- Tonight marks the airing of the first commercial for the season!!!! According to Ashley, it's a 2-minute long commercial happening right after tonight's "The City!" So, set your alarms, DVRs, whatever you have to remind you to watch tonight at 11:00!

Finally- A catch up. It's been over a month since the roomies moved out of DC [Can you believe it?!] and they're all settled back into their homes across the nation. [As far as I can tell, anyway.]

Andrew and Josh are still happily in relationships, the girls and Mike are enjoying life back at home, Josh is still practicing with his band Wicked Liquid, and Ty is successfully hiding from me and the world. [Again, as far as I can tell for myself...] And oh yeah... Erika's hair isn't red anymore. [I totally loved it red, for the record. She pulled it off well!]

Also- it came to my attention that Andrew used to draw cartoons for his school's paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian! They're absolutely hilarious and totally controversial, just the way we like them!

There are SO many of these, and I wish I could share them all.. But instead, click here, read them, and all of the hate letters his newspaper got for publishing them. [THAT'S how you know you're good, don't forget!]

We did get some videos of inside the house. [By we, I of course mean the Internet. Production continued to hate me, so no... I never made it in. Totally lame.] Here they are, from a variety of people:

From Vox Populi
[I love that Ty says Twitter made it better... Ya damn right! ;) And their answers for the camera/production crew- Probably a little scripted... I think they had some involvement... We hear that may have been extra involvement, if ya get what I'm sayin'.]


Washington Post

There's this article from the Georgetown Voice that talks about them being here, us bloggers, and the hate that Executive Producer Jim Johnston has for us. [I really just wish I could sit and talk to him like I have in my dreams a couple times... I'd explain everything!]

Other than that, my extra episodes, and waiting for tonight's commercial, we're now just looking forward to December 30th- the premiere date! Mark your calendars because Metromix and I will be at Blackfinn for a viewing party for all you RWDC fans! It's going to be a GREAT time, and I want to see all of you there, so make sure you RSVP!!

Countdown: 37 days!!! [I can't even imagine how excited the roommates are considering my excitement!]


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