Friday, November 6, 2009

watch: women's college soccer is brutal

Mikey P posted a video yesterday about the crazy brawls that happen in a dogpile, and now I have a crazy video of female college soccer players.

I'll be honest... I don't know much about soccer. I don't watch it. This video has be wantin' to check out all the brutality, though!

I didn't know they got so violent, but apparently soccer players love to pull hair and bitch-slap just like the hoes in the high school cafeteria.

Forget the name calling and causing a scene... They're doin' it big, and trying to hide it. That is, until, someone ends up on the ground with their "weave" still in tact.

I don't know who to root for! The underdog girl who's on the ground, or the girl who's a beast of some sort and did that to her!

Way to get people to pay attention to girls' soccer, ladies.


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